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Corporations and advertising agencies were likewise vying for the services of talented artists to create identities the public would respond to. Tube8 video play. While Vargas was refining the centerfold concept, a contemporary of his was pursuing an even higher profile venue - that of superstar commercial artist. One need only think of Japanese Shunga or the ancient temple sculptures of India.

The primary intentions of this work of art seems to me to be to communicate the Biblical narrative and to evoke an emotional response to death and suffering A post shared by Kat Ross Pinup katrossspinup on Mar 27, at I stopped at 8. Another modern artist of mention is Patrick Nagelwho died tragically early in his promising career.

He obviously thought otherwise. Modern nude pinups. I want to start discussions and get people thinking and asking questions! After the war, Christian Dior introduced his 'new look', war restrictions on luxury items such as nylons were lifted and undergarments finally made the transition to two separate pieces, the bra and the girdle. Send email to DaveCrow. I would say the same can be true of the Pinup.

Pin-ups are intended for informal display. When a merchant class could support artists instead of just The Church, a new definition of feminine beauty could be commissioned.

People want attention from others. Pussy images ebony. Nudity is simply being in a state of undress. Send a private message to StephenC. If I need to be more of my naturally direct self and less of my accommodating online WendyLovesJesus persona, then I can do that.

More than the now old-fashioned bathing suits, the sports cars that are long since vintage, and the household appliances that now gently repose in design museums, this staged game of desire, of seeing and being seen, is an indication that museum visitors are being offered the privilege of viewing the afterglow of a long-gone era without timidity or disruption.

As a commercial artist targeting a male market it may not be as profitable. Right here we have the perfect example of something I hate: My objection had nothing to do with sexual orientation. If You own the Copyright to any images and do not wish them to appear on my blog, please contact me and I will remove them as soon as I can. On the other hand And she should be blushing with her breast exposed like that. It was the purpose of the entire post and all of my comments — this depiction is NOT natural.

Indeed, one might point out that the pin-ups of the s were quite often far less "explicit" than the paintings by Boucher or Renoir. Dean CornwellJohn La Gatta - and Andrew Loomis were also major forces in magazine and advertising illustration. Seeing someone in a way never before seen? I have to agree with Barney on this one. It makes the discussion fun or at least, it used to… and intelligent.

Send a private message to john. Classic milf tubes. PS St LukeI feel you bring up many good and thoughtful ideas, including this thread and in fact I am on this site because of you. Certainly So, my interpretation of what ColinS wrote Most individuals come upon their own definitions of "pornography" and define where the erotic ends and "porn" begins based upon their own values or standards.

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And for that reason I say that the presenting of nudity to others is also you not having respect for them. Milf pussy dripping cum. Find all threads started by Keith Russell. And like you and Adam, I truly enjoy the second image better than the original. As adept and sober as a starred chef who knows that he has to reveal his ingredients and publish his recipes, wishing to influence the tastes of a mass audience and not only serve connoisseurs, Gowland lets his readers know what a photographer should do to add a touch of glamour to pinups.

It is sort of a "know it when I see it" kind of thing. Nude calendars have probably been around as long as man has been printing calendars, but everyday people, rather than pinup girls, posing to raise money for charity is a fairly recent phenomenon. But not for everyone. The idea of a pregnant nude certainly must have appealed to an artist who frequently sought to push the boundaries of decorum in conservative Vienna.

Artists can go one step beyond themselves and even respond erotically to who they're not attracted to in one dead obvious way - who you imagine yourself to be in the fantasy. Then I can list all my reasons explaining my point of view. September 23, at 9: What good is a work of art if only a select few can view it? That little bit of nudity broke the harmony of the piece. And people who think it does are the perverted ones.

And in another a water nymph bathes in the swell of the sea, her exuberant laughter showing her pleasure at the situation. Lesbian clit humping. Modern nude pinups. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Vargas WAS a true master, of course, and I adore his work, but seeing this type of thing makes me feel a little disappointed in him.

Pay attention to me! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cover up a bit.

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What you can control is your own intent. Send email to Tom, Nice. Wendy, your intelligence is captivating and delightful, might I even say attractive. Nipple piercings on big boobs. Still there are those, such as Dave Stevenswho have not forgotten how to draw a good girl in a bad situation without showing us every anatomical detail of his subjects. Drawing on atavistic figures like Marilyn Monroe or an anonymous sex symbol, reality is processed and packaged up Since such artists' work is exhibited in museums, galleries and coffee table books, they do not strictly pass the test for mass-produced pin-up designation.

Personally, I can't ever imagine wanting to paint still-life or babies Last edited by Tom, Nice: A post shared by Kat Ross Pinup katrossspinup on Mar 27, at Some work just gives me more than other work I'm not certain I agree.

Every pose was rehearsed a thousand times, tweaked to achieve the desired effect, and is recognizable as an episode of a story told over and over again. In the s, a glimpse of a woman's bare ankle could be considered scandalous. This is where the power of the viewer comes into play. April 5, at Teasing look by Judy Tredwell. And I have also never read a definition of "lowbrow" art or of "pornography" which, apart from the specifics of nudity, did not closely describe IMO the basic fit of almost every painting to which I am indifferent.

Exercises at the beach - with Jane Mansfield.

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What his photos reveal, but his books wisely keep quiet about, is the power that Gowland exercised as choreographer of poses. Provocative images, particularly used in advertising, were on the blade's edge between sex and commerce. A Diagram Molly Birnbaum.

An interesting footnote to the Pop Art movement of the 's is the work of Mel Ramoswho combined nude pin-ups with recognizable corporate images for a satiric blend of cheesecake and commercialism. Elizabeth bogush nude. Modern nude pinups. I know that Rodin's model for Eve A touch of glamour, if you please Once upon a time, Hollywood stars and starlets had Peter Gowland photograph them nude in erotic poses. Hot big tit sister Photography was a quick and easy means to satisfy the pressures of monthly deadlines. Lind Jerr y von. Where is the line between erotica and prnography?

Nude vs Pinup ColinS- For me the difference can be broadly stated as: There are design principles which apply to everything we see. I would argue that the primary intentions were to celebrate God, to portray the image of an important individuals, and to communicate the horrors of war. Notify me of new comments via email. But sometimes you really need to SEE something to truly get it.

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